Ed Pimley


Meet ED

Here’s the thing guys, I could tell you I was born and raised in Western Australia where I spent most of my time outside playing every sport under the sun & surfing the Indian ocean, but at the end of the day all I care about is working with you. If I’m being really honest, yes it was a privileged growing up there but if it wasn’t for that lifestyle I probably wouldn’t have found my love for fitness, personal training and all things health.

I could tell you everything there is to know about me but personally I’d rather keep this short and focus more on you. 

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 17 years and worked with over 100’s of clients working on body transformations. This means I work with an assortment of individuals who want to either increase their strength, lose weight, find routine, learn healthier habits or all of the above.

If we end up working together (and I hope we do) I would create for you an individualized training program and develop a specialized nutrition guideline that suits your needs. I will not only help you in the gym but l will also be your coach in the corner making sure you hit the goal(s) you’ve always wanted to achieve.

If you want to learn more about programs or what each training session entails, head on over to my services page or shoot me a message below and let’s get to working together.

Ed’s knowledge about training and nutrition helped me achieve something I have been trying to figure out for years. Not only did he explain it in a way that was so easily understandable, he created a realistic fitness plan and cheered me on the entire way.
— N. Stojkovich

His Style of training and coaching ranges

from circuit training






and to nutrition support