Ed Pimley


Meet ED

Born and Raised in Perth, Western Australia. Ed spent most of his time surfing the Indian Ocean. Growing up in the beautiful state of West Australia made it easy for Ed to stay active, on top of surfing he played almost every sport under the sun. This is where Eds love for health and fitness truly  began. 

Having opened and run his own Personal Training Studio in Perth, West Australia, Ed decided it was time for a change and up and moved to Vancouver, Canada to continue his growth and education as a industry leading coach.


Since moving to Vancouver, Ed has helped hundreds of clients achieve their body composition goals

Ed’s knowledge about training and nutrition helped me achieve something I have been trying to figure out for years. Not only did he explain it in a way that was so easily understandable, he created a realistic fitness plan and cheered me on the entire way.
— N. Stojkovich

His Training Style